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For Students

I am here to support you in your academic and professional trajectory.

Office Hours

I hold office hours in ARCH Building #1207 on Tuesdays 2-3pm. You don’t need  make an appointment during my office, you can just walk in, stop by.

Letters of Recommendations and References

If you would like a reference or letter of recommendation, please email me with an inquiry and include "Request for Reference" (or something similar) in the subject line. In your request, please include the following information: 

  • the job description

  • your application materials (cover letter, resume, etc.) 

  • (for a letter) a draft letter of recommendation

  • (for a reference) a few bullets on what you think I can offer to the future employer

  • logistical details (e.g., deadline for submission, address or email for delivery, etc.)

My Policy:

  • You need to have fully completed at least two (2) class with me.

  • You should have earned a grade of an A (ideal) or B (acceptable) in my class.

  • I must have a sense of you as a person beyond the letter grade that appears in my records.


  • You need to have worked conscientiously on a research project with me for at least two (2) full semesters.

  • Please note, for letters of recommendation, I require at least two (3) weeks advance notice. 

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