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I teach classes on building technology, structure system, materials and methods with particular focus on sustainability and system integration. I use diverse pedagogy and build skills for reflective practice.


University of Maryland


Building Construction methods and materials are examined through case studies to explore the means and techniques applied to the material execution of buildings and BIM (Building Information Modelling). Focus on an understanding of the organization of the design and construction process and awareness of building and zoning codes, material systems and types, as well as sustainable practice.



ARCH 464 – ARCHITECTURE STRUCTURE I (Fall 2016, 2017, 2018)

This course covers the basic principles of architectural structures, including the influence of geometric, sectional, and material properties related to flexure and shear in beam and framed systems; vector mechanics with application to analysis of trusses, catenaries, and arches; diagrammatic analysis of beams for bending moment, shear, and deflection as well as the study of structural framing systems for vertical and lateral loads.


ARCH 465 – ARCHITECTURE STRUCTURE II (Spring 2017, 2018)

This is the second course addressing architectural structures in the architecture program. The subject matter will progress from the material presented in ARCH 464 by investigating the design and analysis of structural systems through load tracing, holistic structural behaviour, the properties and design potentials of various materials, and the relationship between the superstructure and the exterior envelope.


ARCH 688A: Carbon Neutral Development Through Net Zero and Net Impact Building Design  (Spring 2017, 2019, Summer 2018)

Knowledge about the relations between built environment development and global and local challenges, such as climate change, resource depletion, environmental impact, justice and health, is of key importance to move towards sustainable development and resilient built environment. This course takes a trans-disciplinary approach to understanding built environment questions. Urban possibilities and challenges are analyzed by using a systems approach where energy, ecological, social, and economic aspects are integrated through a technologic-ecological perspective. Linkages between and perspectives from engineering, science, social-sciences, and practice are emphasized throughout the course. The course will examine the value and limitations of a series of real world case studies. Students will also have face-to-face collaboration opportunities with international students abroad.


ARCH611: Advanced Architecture Technology Seminar (3) (Fall 2017)

Technology in design of buildings. Application of technological issues in building design; integration of technology in architecture; technology as a form determinant in architecture; other conceptual and philosophical issues related to the application of technology in the design, construction, and use of buildings.

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